This is a web app for creating and sharing galleries, allowing both anonymous galleries and user accounts. I designed the interface for a very consistent and modern look, including motion and animations for final polish. The galleries offer many features, like showing EXIF data of the uploaded photographs. Galleries can be renamed and their background customized. Images can be added to existing galleries and existing photos rotated or deleted from a gallery. The slideshow view can be made fullscreen and navigated with keyboard shortcuts.

The web app's backend is written in PHP with a MySQL database, while the client is HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery. Uploads are processed with ImageMagick. Fast AJAX-based loading makes the viewing experience seamless by quickly loading a smaller size image which is then replaced when the high quality image is ready. Apache's mod_rewrite makes the shareable URL's simple and human readable. The main gallery view is dynamically fitted to the user's screen with JavaScript so that the image rows are always full-width.


I'm excited to hear from you.