I frequently attend hackathons and participated in over 20 of them, winning multiple times. I won on the HackNotts 2017 (Best IoT Hack from Qualcomm and overall 1st place), StudentHack IV (Best use of Twilio API, Best use of AWS), BrumHack 5.0 (Best use of Twilio API), AstonHack 2016, GreatUniHack 2016, and Anvil Hack II. They give me a great opportunity to try out new technologies and ideas, and see what amazing projects other's are making. All of this while meeting new people and working in teams with a tight deadline, and a chance to win great prizes. Some of my projects can be seen on my DevPost. They include an internet browser that doesn't need an internet connection or a game of writing the most emotionally charged messages.


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